This is the crucial first step in understanding your property. It involves careful consideration of these factors:

Slopes, Soils, Vegetation, Solar Orientation, Views,

Shelter from Winter Winds, Capture of Summer Breezes,

Access, Adjacent Uses, Utilities, Cultural Influences, and Historical Influences


This is where I gather information from you to help me understand your needs and desires for everything that you want outside of your house. I can help lead the discussion by asking questions about both philosophical and practical considerations.


I take everything we discussed in PROGRAMMING plus what I have learned about your property through SITE ANALYSIS to develop the most appropriate layout, given the attributes of your site and the architecture you have chosen. The more time and effort that you put into giving me specific feedback when you review the Preliminary Plan, the more you will own it.


This is a time of refinement of ideas and possibly even the discovery of new ideas. During this time I am adding detail and offering material selections for your consideration.


This is where everything that is needed for your contractor to build your design is provided….details, dimensions, and selection of products and plants. This final drawing can be put out to bid or negotiated with a selected contractor.


I make periodic site visits to make on-the-ground adjustments in the design and to ensure that you are getting what you paid for in terms of products and execution.